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I invite you into my world of gaming!!! Message me at sith.david66@gmail.com or PSN: The_501st_Gaming, I’ll get a group of gamers and play games and most record it! 🙂  Also ask and suggest things to me, with forums and a bunch of really other cool things.

An example is to have everyone interact with each other play, video games, do montages, or almost anything I can possibly do to make the most interactive and fun YouTube gaming channel ever because that’s my YouTube mission: To be the most interactive gaming channel on YouTube. I don’t know about you but, I don’t always see PewDiePie or Syndicate Project commute with all of their gamer fans so that’s my goal!!! To make sure all of my Subscribers and friends get to be in montages, how to’s, laughs, any video for that matter and to play games with me!!

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